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Titanic (2 Disc Special Edition) [1997] - 2.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 1:
That Sinking Feeling : When you raise the dead from the depths of the ocean, you should show some respect. This movie insults the past with its anachronistic characters, especially DiCaprio who spits and brats his way through the movie and falls in love with that pug muffin Kate Winslet. All around good actors are dying and we're supposed to care what happens to these two amateurs.

Since making this DiCaprio has matured into a better actor, but at the time he was just a surly, cocksure little tyke with a big head and the arrogance of youth.

Rating: 3:
IWHATS N THE SAFE? : Happen to think that the making of this movie was outrageous and if you realise that that IN THE SAFE was a woman? and that actually women are the greatest treasures in this world you will probably understand the film a little better and understand why so many men fail to appreciate their own females and the indignities that their behaviour puts women through.

Badly put together with totally the wrong emphasises and should never have come out as a movie until the "director" knew what it was about.

That said it passes for a pleasant way to spend the even if you halt the film before the ship goes down.

Rating: 5:
This film grows on you... : I first saw this film when it came out in the cinema, and I have to say I was not that impressed (unlike many of my friends - diehard Leonardo DiCaprio fans all). However, later I came to appreciate it more. This DVD is excellent, with plenty of special features (though if you are a real Titanic fan go for the 4-disc edition). I'm not that enamoured of the alternate ending, I prefer the original even though it was less conclusive.
I think this film was almost perfectly cast, kudos to James Cameron and his team, right from Kate and Leo down to the supporting cast of crew members and passengers. Bernard Hill is excellent as the captain going down with the ship he has doomed, and Victor Garber is also fantastic as the ship's designer, also choosing not to head for the boats. Kathy Bates is simply brilliant as the Unsinkable Molly Brown, Billy Zane is suitably slimy as Rose's millionaire fiance, and David Warner is really quite scary as his manservant/bodyguard. Cameron skilfullly draws the viewer into the lives of the thousands of passengers, so that you feel real sympathy as the steerage passengers are trapped, beaten back and shot at. One of my favourite characters has to be Ioan Gruffudd's 5th Officer, the only man willing to go back to search for survivors in the water.
The film has wonderful moments of humour alongside the impending tragedy - the dinner party scene, or Rose expounding on Freud at the tea table, not to mention "I can see the Statue of Liberty already!... Very small, of course.". The period touches are brilliant, especially Rose's collection of paintings ("Something Picasso"). The move from wreck to dazzling flashback is very well executed, as are all the special effects. And who couldn't love the ending, as Rose, once more young and beautiful, rejoins the rest of the crew and passengers on the first-class deck of the Ship of Dreams...
Although the film is long it doesn't seem so, as you are pulled into the spectacle and the story along with Bill Paxton and his crew of diamond-seekers.
All in all, a great movie which I think will stand the test of time as a classic of 20th-century movie-making. This DVD edition is a credit to anyone's collection.

Rating: 4:
Ok I admit it, I LOVED this Film : Let's just get a few things straight here. This film came out when I was 14 years old. I was one of the only straight, teenage boys on Earth who actually admitted to liking the film. Yes, I'll be honest, I saw it five times at the cinema (count 'em) and bought it on VHS the day it came out. Being a little older I can see many of the faults in the film but I still love it, if not quite as much as I used to.

The reaction to the film was unparalelled, nearly $2,000,000,000 at the box office and 11 Academy awards. I think the fact that so many people fell for this film made others want to pick holes in it. Yes, some of the script was corny, but there is a lot of emotion, some great acting, excellent drama and stunning cinematography.

The romance is perhaps a tad cliched, but it is NOT mushy. The real strength of the film is in the ship itself which proves to be the star of the show. The real ship at the start is a sight to behold but it is the sinking of the great vessel that makes the film great. From the deep roar as the Titanic slowly dips further below the surface to the death-defying dashes for safety, the adrenlin simple flows off the screen. As the ship falls apart, the tension is truly gripping. The scene where the great, glas, dome ceiling caves in and the water rushes through the ship is one of the most powerful I have ever seen and of course there is the tragedy of the bodies in the water.

Although my love of the film has waned in the last few years there is more than enough left to make for an epic film and one of the best of the 1990s. Look past the hype, pretend no one ever went nuts for the movie and just see it as you first saw it and you might just remember what you first experienced at the cinema - an excellent film!

Rating: 1:
WORST FILM EVER!!! : This is by far the worst big budget film ever made.

The iceberg was the real hero of this film.

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