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Tom And Jerry - Classic Collection - Vol. 1 - 5.47

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Pretty Good DVD : I must say that I have always been a Tom & Jerry fan, so it was long overdue for me to start owning the collection. I bought Volumes 2 & 3 at the same time as getting this one, and despite any editing and overdubbing, I still enjoy settling down to a couple of hours fun entertainment from these timeless characters. My little toddler son also enjoys the Tom & Jerry cartoons - and it takes a lot to get him to sit still for a few minutes - he really seems to like the mouse character as he squeals with delight and claps his hands. Good DVD, would recommend this to all fans, old and young alike.

Rating: 4:
Great collection, marred by some censorship : This is a near-complete collection of the early cartoons, which remain timeless classics, with plenty of slapstick humour on offer.

I grew up with the original, unedited, T & J cartoons that were broadcast in the UK until 2000, and released on VHS in the '80s and '90s, so it's highly disappointing to see that you can't get some of the originals any more. This otherwise top-notch collection is marred by many PC cuts, most notably the frequent use of the overdubbed version of Mammy Two-Shoes (though at least she appears in the cartoons rather than being edited out altogether).

Okay, by all means they should release edited versions of the cartoons for people who find the originals too racially offensive, but no way should we have phased out the distribution of the original unedited versions- most people weren't offended by them, and many find the edited versions inferior to the originals.

The above said, the Classic Collection is the best collection of Tom & Jerry cartoons available- other versions are either more heavily edited, or are lower quality. Hopefully in future someone will release a set of unedited Tom & Jerry cartoons on DVD in the UK, of similar quality to this release, but for now, if you want a set of T & J cartoons, this is the set to get.

I also own Volumes 2, 3 and 4; the same assessment applies to those volumes.

Rating: 5:
Fast paced and excellent!! : In an era of pristine CGI animated movies it is great to see something that has aged so well as Tom and Jerry. Now that I have kids of my own I am getting to enjoy these cartoons all over again. They make me laugh out loud and the action makes me cringe at times but it is great fun and a nice contrast to the sanitised plots of modern children's entertainment. My kids adore them and it is nice to see something that maintains its appeal across several generations. I have this DVD as well as volume 2 and volume 3 all of which cover the classic era of the duo. I would recommend all three without hesitation.

Rating: 5:
Tom & Jerry, not exclusivly Hanna & Barbera "stuff" : In the period between 1941 and 1955 there where at least 2 separate teams at MGM under Quimbys supervision, namely Hanna & Barbera and Tex Avery. It was a steady flow of ideas and cartoonist excahange between the 2 teams. It's quite obvious that Tex Avery had a strong influence on the early Hanna Barbera's use of typical wild Tex Avery gags, giving the early Tom& Jerry a certain Daffy & Elmer or Bugs & Daffy "feel" to them.
As can be seen in the later Hanna Barbera movies, they left this crazy influence and became more apropriate and Disney-family-like in story and style.
What a loss to us all !

Rating: 5:
I want more! : Just received this DVD and now I have the complete collection till date. What can I say about T&J that hasnt been said already?! Just that it will be very hard to find anyone who can say that T&J arent a genius of epic proportions that will always transcend the boundaries of time and age. Its an absolute must for anyone's collection.

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