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Tom And Jerry - Classic Collection - Vol. 2 - 5.47

The second DVD in the collector's edition series features classic cartoons capers from the world's most famous cat and mouse duo, taking us in chronological order up to the 1950s episode entitled 'Safety Second'. This collection also includes the famous Oscar-winning installment 'The Cat Concerto', which sees Tom and Jerry turn a concert performance of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody into a pitched battle on the piano.

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 4:
Some more classic T&J, but still some annoying PC cuts : The Tom & Jerry series commenced in 'Volume 1' continues with all the cartoons from 'Solid Serenade' (1946) up to 'Safety Second' (1950). Within this collection we get to see Tom & Jerry in their most defining visual state, with some great rendering, stunning animation and generally very clean style.

This collection also contains the memorable 'The Cat Concerto', which won an Oscar and few T&J fans could fail to remember the battle between Tom and Jerry as the latter intervened while the former was trying so hard to play Liszt's 'Hungarian Rhapsody' on the grand piano on a concert stage. This is a classic masterpiece!

That having been said, though, the other cartoons are also full of energy and still generate a laugh.

There are two things I have so far noticed that mar this collection. 'Solid Serenade' has a sound glitch near the end that is very noticeable and is a bit off-putting. The other is that, like the previous collection, some political correctness has affected some of the cartoons. In some of the cartoons, once again the black maid Mammy Two Shoes has had her voice redubbed to make her sound like a white woman (but in other cartoons, such as 'A Mouse In The House', the dear original maid's voice and drawl is present throughout!), and some bits that supposedly poke fun at black people have been cut: a black-face gag is cut from 'A Mouse In The House' and 'The Truce Hurts', 'Tennis Chumps' has a different take on one with a different pose, and -- possibly the most affected -- 'The Little Orphan' is heavily cut to remove the aftermath of what happens in a scene involving Tom and a candle, and again the continuity is affected so the scene no longer makes sense.

So, all in all, a great collection, once again kept from the 5/5 scoring by some cuts.

Rating: 5:
As good as it gets! : Classic, unadulterated Tom & Jerry, with nothing but great cartoons from the golden era. Just one niggle, a sound bug during one of the cartoons and some lacklustre editing for the DVD, but it's the content that matters and it still shines.

Volume 1 is equally good, while vol. 3 is great, but starts to trail off at the end due to poorer quality cartoons as production costs start getting cut. Volume 4 is absolutely horrible, dating from a time where production costs appear to have hit rock bottom, so don't even bother with vol. 5.

Get this without fear and re-live your childhood through some of the most imaginitive cartoon slapstick you'll ever find!

Rating: 5:
Probably the best of this series of dvds : Tom And Jerry - Classic Collection - Vol. 2 is probably the best in the current series of dvds dedicated to the classic duo.. Unfortunatley several of the cartoons have been edited and the voice of Mammy has been overdubbed.. That apart a first rate dvd that should be in everybody's collection

Rating: 5:
3 Hours of Tom and Jerry!!!! : The best cartoon ever made! put on DVD with nearly 3 hours worth!! its a treat! and worth the money! the picture and sound has never been better! the only thing I would say my disappoint is that theres no extras! like a making of Tom and Jerry!! but then again! cant complain when u get a ton of cartoons! great for the kids and family!

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