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Torchwood - Series 1 Vol.1 (2 Disc Set) [2006] - £16.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 5:
Sorry Dude : Sorry J. Punter "jeff punter", but if you type 'torchwood' into the DVD search engine on AMAZON.CO.UK, you'll see there is a complete series coming out in November. I think they only put it one a couple of days ago though :-( Meanwhile, I love Torchwood and i'm looking forword to another series with Jack, Gwen, Owen, Tosh, Ianto and for 3 episodes MARTHA JONES! WooHoo!

Rating: 4:
Thanks! : This also is not a review but a thank you to the previous reviewer. I have been looking for the full series assuming there would be one! Perhaps the powers that be will take a second hint!

Rating: 5:
Why No Complete Box Set? : This is not actually a review; however, I have a question that I am sure other viewers have been wondering, as well. Why is there no full Season One box set as exists for the "Doctor Who" series and for other series? It would be nice to own the first season of "Torchwood" in one offering. Perhaps, someone connected with the production of these DVD's might read this and take the hint.

Rating: 5:
Can't wait for the next series : I haven't watched Dr. Who since I was a child, not after seeing cybermen for the first time and saw a man in a dustbin...basically a Blue Peter attempt. That was many years ago. I saw the previews for Torchwood on BBC3 and was caught by them. Watched the show and was hooked instantly. I'm not going to go into the storyline as others have...you can have too much of a good thing. Torchwood is kinda like a good cross between Supernatural and the X-Files [before they got daft], with a real adult twist. The one thing that I can say, the viewer really needs to see episodes 1&2 [the pilot showing] as the basis of Torchwood is explained.
I'm not a big TV buff, not a big sci-fi buff, but I love Torchwood and can't wait for the next series. Annoyed that BBC3 have not repeated this the way they have repeated other series. Hope they do do a repeat before the next series starts for those unfortunate souls who didn't get to see it first time round.
Love it!

Rating: 4:
Captain Jack, the ever living! :
I have viewed this series as an independent entity rather than "from the makers of Doctor Who". After all, this has a different target audience and is on a good few hours later on in the day that Doctor Who.

Bearing that in mind, this was an enjoyable Sci-Fi series, and being a Doctor Who fan - the links between the series added to the enjoyment.

Yes, there is sex and bad language (and sometimes it does feel as though it has been included just for the sake of it) but this doesn't take away from the series. This is a gritty and dark Sci-Fi series which doesn't always have a happy ending. It'll be interesting to see how this will do in the US if it gets aired there. I expect they'll cut out a lot of sex and tone down the old 'Anglo-Saxon', but it seems such an integral part of the series that it would ruin it to do so.

The characters take a while to develop, with the exception of Gwen and Captain Jack. Jack (played by the fantastic John Barrowman) is a deeply mysterious character who cannot die. The more we find out about him, the less we seem to know! In the first few episodes he seems a bit of an enigma.

Gwen is a great character and well acted. She adds the 'reality' element to the first few episodes as we see how her new job affects her home life. In the first few episodes her partner seems very supportive and encouraging. This does change later on in the series though!

The other character are slow burners, they are in the background and start to become better used as the series progresses. Ianto Jones gets his episode in episode 4 where we see the biggest link to Doctor Who since 'the hand' earlier on.

Overall I liked this series. It isn't one I can watch over and over again, but it is one I can enjoy from time to time. Some of the concepts are very interesting. It does have some flaws though. The "secret" Torchwood organisation doesn't seem that secret, as a quick flash of Torchwood ID badge and everyone understands who they are!

The series looks good, with the Torchwood hub looking as dark as you expect it to be. The music to the series accompanies the visuals well, and you don't watch it with one eye on the clock (unless you've got your soufflés in the oven, you wouldn't want to burn a soufflé)

I've given this 4 stars, with a bit more character development and more story arcs spanning episodes - this could be a corker of a series!

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