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Torchwood - Series 1 Vol.3 [2007] - 17.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 4:
Well worth a look even if you're a Dr Who fan or not : I've enjoyed this series throughout mainly because of the character of Capt Jack Harkness who becomes more mysterious throughout despite the more we learn about him.

Although the series had some disappointing episodes and a little bit too much sex thrown in at times, the series was interesting, compelling and dark. i enjoyed it more on a second watching, as soon as Captain Jack rejoined the Doctor recently i had to watch it again because even when it was disappointing the links to doc who(the hand, cyberwoman, vote Saxon posters etc.)and jacks character make you think.

The last two episodes on this were the best by far, they kept me hooked throughout, made me cry a few times and left me wanting more. i do hope they make another series and learn from the mistakes made in the poorer episodes, even if part of me does want Jack to stay with the doctor.

Rating: 4:
Dr. Who for adults. : No, I do not mean by this that Dr. Who is a kid product, just that Torchwood explores themes usually restricted to adults in a manner that is likely too strong for children - not just sex, but also death, the consequences of one's decisions, human nature, and so on. It deals with these topics and more with an open minded approach and it does so fairly well, in my opinion, giving them a good and hard look, under the (relatively) jocular treatment of them. In my opinion, however, the glitteriness of the production clashes a bit too much with the no-nonsense in which deals with said topics, and I am not sure if this works that well.

Rating: 3:
Spin-off was a switch off! : As a Doctor Who fan, when I heard they were doing a spin off entitled 'Torchwood' with John Barrowman at the healm as Captain Jack Harknass I couldn't wait. The Torchwood theme had been floating around the entire series 2 of Dr. Who so I thought this would be a natural way to introduce Torchwood (Which is an anagram of Dr.Who - very clever!)into our natural consiencness.

'Torchwood' is based on a secret agency in cardiff that fights alien evil on Earth instead of flying through space in a big blue box to do it! Jack and his team, Tosh, Owen, Ianto and Gwen come up against some tough baddies in the series.

While on the whole I liked this series, I did think it got to be more about the characters sex lives and who was sleeping with who and who was in love with who than actually about doing their jobs - namely fighting aliens. I did start watching in good faith but gave up 1/2 way through the series because I couldn't follow the storylines and didn't want to know about their sex lives. While Dr.Who focus's on saving the world and defeating aliens, Jack and Co focused more on who was going to bed who next and snogging each others faces off!

I watched the Grand Finalle because I'd heard rumours that Jack was returning to Dr.Who (Sorry if I've spoiled it for Who fans!) and I thought I'd understand the storyline better. However, although it seemed at the end that Jack was picked up by the TARDIS will he recognise the Dr (Who was CE in Jack's series and is now DT) and his new assistant Martha Jones? This should make for a good episode.

I really like the Captain Jack character, and John Barrowman is brilliant hence the 3 stars. Its just a shame that the sexual shenanigans of the characters overrode the stories in my humble opinion. Whether Jack proves himself in 'Who' will help me decide whether to watch the second series or not but in the mean time I'll stick with Doctor Who thanks! Hopefully things will get better for Torchwood, touch wood!

Rating: 5:
The end of the series - but what's that familiar thing?!! : A great end to a great series. I've given the other two DVD releases of Torchwood series 1 four stars each. But I feel this deserves the full five stars.

The first episode of this DVD release wasn't the best, there seems to be a bit of a plot hole around the time hole, but it did have some magnificent moments. Particularly those between John Ellis and Captain Jack where they open up and talk openly about suicide. The way this deals with the social aspect of being several decades ahead of your own time saves the episode. It gives it a really interesting spin and makes the episode so compelling to watch.

Combat was a phenomenal episode! I love the Weevils and this was an episode where they took centre stage. Weevils are hideous, but this episode makes you pity them and will them 'to win'. This was Owen's episode too. I like Owen in this series, his cocky, light hearted persona contrasts well with Jack's dark mystery and Gwen's down-to-earthness.

I don't want to spoil anything by talking about the last two episodes, so I'll leave them alone. All I'll say is that you learn more about Captain Jack, and you might hear a familiar noise!

Rating: 4:
Enjoyable, but budget constraints show : Torchwood was the much-hailed Doctor Who spin-off for adults. To prove it was for adults, they added some swearing and lots of grown up, boys-n-girls themes. Some of this is a little clunky, but it's nice to see some TV SF where people use the same curses that most of us do.

Beyond the adult element already referred to, the themes aren't actually that different from those explored in Doctor Who, and there's a similarity in the way dialogue sometimes gets overloaded with plot exposition.

Although this is more of an ensemble piece, with a team acting together, most episodes focus on just one or two of them, which I suspect is for budgetary reasons. Elsewhere, the constraints of the budget are evident from the limited location filming and the small number of sets.

That said, there's so little good British TV sci fi being made, this is pretty much essential viewing.

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