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Vicky Entwistle - WOW! - Weight Off Workout! [2006] - 12.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
wow wow wow!! : I've had this dvd for months & not really done it much. But over the past few weeks I've done it nearly every day. I'm normally a person who lacks motivation for exercise, but with this DVD i look forward to my workout!. I've seen such a difference in my body shape already. Thanks to this DVD A*****

Rating: 4:
excellent : this dvd is great. not annoying at all and quite gentle compared to some. the high intencity bit is a little bit boring but it's easy if you want a work out when you haven't got lf energy. The toning bitss are fab and feel lovely. I love the instructor, he's great. I don't look forward to doing this dvd as much as the charlie brooks one but if i haven't as much energy i know i can easily complete this one without having to miss bits out.

Rating: 5:
love it : I have loads of different DVD's and my favourites are Davina's, Nell McAndrews and the Tae BO Workouts and I was looking for something that I like as much and to my pleasant surprise this one I do like as much.
It's an easy to follow routine, I especially liked the way the lunges are done, not as tough on the knees, imo...!
It does make you break out in a sweat, that is for sure.
The Instructor comes across really well and explains well, too, which is great and Vicky doesn't really say much, which is a good thing (not because I dislike her, but because I find the chatter on some DVD's annoying after a while, no matter how much I would like the person....).
It's a good buy!

Rating: 5:
Excellent Excellent Fitness DVD! : After doing the charlie brooks dvd for months I was ready for a change, I never considered this one before as I can't stand janice battersy's voice but I was just about to order a different fitness dvd when the reviews caught my eye on Vicky's dvd. I am sooo glad i changed my mind and ordered this one. It is a fantastic dvd - i love it. Her voice isn't any issue, she doesnt sound the same as on corrie and shes too busy 'glowing'. The time goes by so quick. The first half an hour is rigourous but its good to know once that is over you know all the sweaty stuff is out of the way. The 'cheesy' comments of the trainer are funny and he keeps you involved, like he's talking to you and jeering you on. the background music is non-intrusive and you certainly feel the effects of doing this dvd days after and it doesn't take long to get results. The moves are so simple yet so effective. It increases your stamina, flexibility and even makes you smile! I dont mind the Vicky's boobs popping out of her top, its something to look at. I also like the vanity of the trainer - why not take pride in sculpting a new you!
I definitely reccomend this dvd for anyone wanting to get fit and/or loose weight.

Rating: 5:
Wow : What can I say!!! a fantastic exercise DVD, and it does work I can see the difference in just 4 weeks but I do also run which helps.10 out of 10 to Vicky

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