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Whisper Of The Heart - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Best one I have seen : The animation and settings were glorious and so real; the characters beautifully drawn - such real expressions and postures! And the story and music wonderful. I loved it!!

Rating: 5:
One of the greatest films, of any genre, ever made... : Perfect like a perfect diamond. Unique, subtle...irreplaceable.

A movie - an artwork - that operates on the subtlest and most delicate levels.

Not really a children's movie -- and indeed more than just a "coming of age" work.

Whipser of the Heart touches immediately the nature of human love and existence ... family love, self love, romantic love: via the most subtle and ... quiet ... happenings.

And the artwork, the backgrounds, are beyond belief....the artists have found something about the gray concrete of west Tokyo that is soul-changingly beautiful; the art is a complete testament to our era.

Every shot - I mean EVERY shot - is an important work of art to be studied like a Caravaggio. Wait till you see the coming rain; the moving train; the changing light; the interiors that are Utterly Real (far more real than in live action filmmaking).

A "really good movie" in the sense that "Pride & Prejudice" is a "really good novel" or Vermeer was "quite good at lighting effects."

The final conviction that: studio Ghibli films are the Shakespearean ouvre of this historical era.

The overall output of Studio Ghibli offers a complete system of thought and humanity that advances consciousness.

Rating: 5:
Whisper of the Heart. : A great film! Not so much a children's film, but my three boys (all under 10yrs old) all managed to watch it to end and mostly enjoyed it.
It is a story of realisation of love and the awakening of love in a boy and a girl. It is a very subtle and beautiful film with characteristically wonderful animation, but there is only slight reference to the magical world of the cat and only then in imagination. That said it the film doesn't suffer for it.
Girls will love it and can only do boys good to sit through it!

Rating: 5:
AN UNFORGETTABLE, HEARTWARMING, COMING OF AGE FILM FROM STUDIO GHIBLI!!!!, : Whisper of the heart is one of the most sensitive, heartwarming and beautiful films ever made. Based on a shojo manga by Aoi Hiiragi, Written and produced by Hayao Miyazaki and directed by Yoshifumi Kondo, whisper of the heart is a tale of self discovery and coming of age of a high school girl Shizuku who is not sure what she wants in life. A series of dramatic events bring her closer to a guy Seiji from her own school. Together they embark on a journey which will help them find their inner potentials, realize their dreams and also love for each other. Also featured in the movie is an old man who runs an antique shop stocked with amazing treasures, including a magnificient porcelain figurine "the baron" (also featured in "The cat returns). Both of these characters play an important role in the film. Though "The cat returns" is kind of follow up to "whisper" yet for some reason it was released on dvd before "whisper".

Rarely is a film as honest and realistic as whisper of the heart and that's what makes it amazingly special, charming and successful. Within its thin plot and realistic settings, whisper has its magic moments which are downright uplifting and strike a chord somewhere deep inside. The film itself is a breath of fresh air.

Whisper of the heart, though slow in pace, draws you in from the very beginning and refuses to let you go. Its a heartwarming tale which makes you feel nostalgic and helps you relive the adolescence. Except for the Shizuku's dreamy fantasy sequence, the film relies heavily on dialogues and simple and real situations. The locales and the backgrounds shown in the film are as beautiful and breathtaking as in any other ghibli film. Open spaces, beautiful countryside, deep blue sky with summer clouds, a bicycle ride atop the hill, there are numerous things and moments in the film that set the mood just right, leaving the viewer spellbound and satisfied. After a while you forget completely that you are watching an animated film. Music plays an important role in the film and is soft and relaxing though we do get lots of those silent moments too for which ghibli films are famous. Also featured in the film is John Denver's song "country roads" which makes the perfect backdrop for the film. Not to mention here, the royalty disputes which arised later, making it difficult for the movie to see an American release.

Be it character development, animation or background art of the film, attention to details is simply stunning.The incredibly detailed backgrounds of the fantasy sequences were done by Naohisa Inoue who was an established artist and a long time Miyazaki fan. Impressed by his fantasy work, Miyazaki himself invited him to work on the film. Whisper of the heart dvd released by Buena Vista in Japan includes a special documentary showcasing the dreamy artwork of the film.

Director Yoshifumi Kondo had worked on many ghibli films such as Kiki's delivery service, Grave of the fireflies and Pom poko etc, as an animator. Hayao Miyazaki, who was looking for new breed of directors for ghibli, recognised Kondo's talent in no time and gave him a chance to direct this movie. Unfortunately, whisper of the heart remains to be the first and the only film directed by Yoshifumi Kondo. Just after the release of whisper, Kondo succumbed to cancer. It is evident from whisper of the heart how immensely talented and sensitive director Kondo was.

Films like whisper of the heart are very rare and come once in a lifetime. Watching a film like this is an experience to behold and cherish forever.

Rating: 4:
A story of young love, eschewing Ghibli's traditional fantasy setting : Whisper of the Heart is about growing up, doing what you feel you must, and falling in love. The story follows Shizuku, a 14-year-old Japanese girl who reads a lot of stories from the library, is about to graduate from junior high and lives a hectic life managing friendships at school and running errands for her family. One day she meets an old artisan living in a quiet, romantic part of her town who it turns out is linked to someone Shizuku has been trying to track down for a while: a mysterious boy called Seiji, whose name Shizuku has noticed on the list of borrowers on each of the library books she has read. The film then follows Shizuku and Seiji's developing relationship and Shizuku's decision to write a fantasy story based on a cat model that the old artisan owns.

The environments are sumptuous (the film proves that Ghibli can do beautiful industrial and architectural, as well as natural settings) and the child's perspective perfectly captures the elements of exploration, wonder and injustice engendered in childhood. What I find so powerful about it is that it takes the fantasy that Ghibli do so well but frames it in a real world setting, describing the process of creating such fantasy via the novel that Shizuku is writing. It really took me back to that realm of fertile imagination as a child.

Whisper of the Heart does feel slightly unsatisfying though, by seeming to run out of steam about two thirds through then ending rather suddenly just as you're interested again and want to know more. However, it's still one of Ghibli's best and especially worth watching in light of the differences with their traditional settings and plots.

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