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Yoga - Learn Yoga - 15.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Challenging but worth it. : I attended yoga classes several years ago and wanted to pick it up again at home. I found the instruction in this DVD very simple to follow, the poses are challenging but you can take it at your own pace. They also demonstrate the use of straps and blocks in some of the poses to help you along.
Like other reviews stated it doesn't include any celebrities or expensive sets, but that's what I like about it - the instructors are professional yoga teachers and provide great guidance. Most importantly for me I found that I pushed myself a little harder than I usually would if I was using a book.

Rating: 5:
wonderful : I had been to classes a few years ago but haven't done yoga for a while, so wasn't too flexible at first. This is the best yoga DVD I have tried, and after renting it I ended up buying the DVD, it was so good.

Very clear instructions so you can do the pose while hearing where to put your hips, knees etc. It looks a little home-made but I prefer this to something slick with inadequate instructions (and there are a lot of those out there). I'm so glad I found this DVD!

You can do it every day, starting with just 5 or 10 minutes if you want and gradually increasing the time.

Rating: 5:
A must have for novices : I have done about 9 yoga classes with a professional, after 7 years without i was given the Linda Barker yoga dvd, which was perfect...........then i searched the amazon site to find louisa sear,s Learn Yoga and i am in heaven, i've just finished the beginners class and i am walking on air. the instructions are easy to follow and the instructor is encouraging, firm and fair. The great thing is there is more to go on to when i've mastered the first class..............find your own soothing music to put on in the background but i loved the natural sounds or silence.

Rating: 5:
Excellent yoga course : This DVD is an excellent course led by two very adept instructors. Having done yoga for some years I was a little sceptical that the tuition maybe too simple and popular. How wrong I was, the beginners routine is very challenging in itself and the benfits for me were immediate. I recommend this to anyone wanting home instruction, but if you're an absolute beginner you may be put off by the apparent difficulty of the basic course.

Rating: 5:
A great DVD that is useful for all levels : I bought this DVD when i first started yoga two years ago. I found the beginners lesson challenging and have returned to it regularly over the last two years in addition to my yoga class practice to give me variety. The instructions are crisp and clear.
Recently I have been following the general lesson and again i am challenged and enthused by the practice. This DVD may not have celebrities or exotic settings, but it excellent value for all levels from beginners onwards.

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