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Yogalates For Weight Loss - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
Love it, love it, love it. : This was the first yogalates dvd I have owned and it is fantastic. My favourite part is the instant abs section. At just over 10 mins you dont even feel like you are working out, but boy, do you feel it. After the first two sessions, even when I was breathing, or just moving in bed, I could feel my waist and stomach muscles had had a good workout. It is so quick and easy you can fit it in every day. The other two parts of the workout are just as effective and you do get used to her voice! (Eventually). I would buy this dvd alone just for the abs workout. Believe me it works.

Rating: 5:
Makes you feel good and works too! : I have a few of Louise Solomon's DVD's and have kept buying because I am SO happy with them.

This particular weight loss DVD has 3 sections - Core Toning (mainly top half and Abs), Cardio Enhancer (mainly bum and thighs) and relaxation together with an extra Abs work out which goes for just over 10 minutes and so is perfect for when you're time poor.

What I love about these yogalates workouts is that they don't at first appear challenging and, in fact, I feel very relaxed and find them almost hypnotic - Louise Solomon has a very soothing voice which could at first be considered a bit of a put off but, after a stressed full-on day, I want somebody who makes me feel good about myself!

Aside from being relaxing though, and most importantly, I definitely see a distinct change in my body and my attitude and I lost 4cms around my waist in a week!

Not sure how she pulled that off but it's given me the incentive to keep at it and the amazing most incredible thing is that I am even looking forward to doing it!

Rating: 4:
Loving Yogalates : I have been looking for a good yoga dvd for a while so I decided to give this one a go. It has 3 sections - Core Toning, Cardio Enhancer and relaxation. There is also the extra section for an Abs work out. Overall this is a good yoga workout and as it is for weight loss it's a slightly more intense than a normal yoga workout which I found good. The Abs section is good also as it has some quick and easy exercises to tone up your waist.
This workout doesn't make you sweat but I enjoyed it as I felt stretched and relaxed at the end.

Rating: 4:
Little movements but effective : This DVD is divided into 2 workouts, Core toning which is mainly upperbody and abs; and then Cardio enhancer which is more butt and legs; a relaxation section and a short but intensive abs workout. The layout means that you can do a short workout or a longer one depending on time contraints.
I have previewed and have done this workout a couple of times and really do feel it in my abs the next day. Like all pilates DVDs it won't get you really hot and sweaty but i think the movements will help to tone and sculpt my body esp abs.
I will definitely be holding onto this DVD.

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