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Yusuf Islam - Yusuf's Cafe Session - Live At The Porchester Hall [2007] - 17.99

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
Long Overdue! : This DVD is actually 160 minutes long and is really in five parts, not three. The concert ("Live Session") is nicely recorded and is a little over 61 minutes long. The BBC "A Few Good Songs" is about 53 minutes long. The third section, "Side Orders", actually has three parts: (1) "One More Cup" with Yusuf on a settee telling why he left and why he returned (15 min), (2) two music videos "Heaven/Where True Love Goes" and "Midday (Avoid City After Dark)" (9 min), and (3) three solo pieces with Yusuf on the settee with his guitar (11 min). Only two ("Peace Train" and "Midday (Avoid City After Dark)") are listed in the DVD menu. The third is "Where Do the Children Play" and is only accessible if you select "Play All" from the "Side Orders" part of the DVD. The settee version of "Peace Train" includes a second, blues version that works remarkably well.

After watching the DVD I think you will agree that the warmth of the person matches the warmth of his voice. Welcome back! Long overdue.

Rating: 5:
Magical! : As an 'ancient' fan who can recall waiting eagerly for the original release of 'Catch Bull At Four' and 'Buddha And The Chocolate Box' back in the 'seventies....I was just as eager to see this.Anybody who was a fan of Cat Stevens in the past or Yusuf Islam in the present will not be disappointed with this.
A gorgeous concert recorded at Londons Porchester Hall which includes many of his old favourites.His new album 'An Other Cup' is also well represented.The concert opens with 'Wind East And West'(a track which I had never before heard), and then drifts into the beautiful 'The Wind', off his classic 'Firecat' album.'Don't Be Shy' and 'Where Do The Children Play' also get an excellent airing.
His latest superb songwriting efforts are well showcased by 'Maybe Theres A World' and 'Heaven/Where True Love Goes' among others.It was really brilliant to see his 'old' musical sideman Alun Davies on stage for all tracks.Anybody familiar with the old classic albums will know that Alun Davies was behind all the magical acoustic guitar playing.The other musicians on stage are also excellent.
There is also an interesting documentary on Yusufs life with some excerpts from his Cat Stevens performing days.His recent videos of 'Midday' and 'Heaven/Where True Love Goes' are also included.I was slightly disappointed that 'Moonshadow' didn't make the concert(although it gets a whispered mention at the end of 'Don't Be Shy'). Overall, though, an excellent dvd with a superb sound quality....highly recommended!

Rating: 5:
A Wonderful Enlightening Concert - Highly Recommended : I loved the concert. A big fan of Cat Stevens (Now Yusuf Islam). His voice is still holding strong. His choice of songs including Wind East & West, Father and Sone, and Peace Train among others are amazing. Welcome back to the music scene Mr. Islam. Highly recommended if you like slow meaningful music with a very country-music type of melody.

Rating: 3:
The former Cat Stevens picks up where he left off : On March 1 of this year, Moslem philanthropist Yusuf Islam returned to the live stage at London's Porchester Hall - playing his first concert in 28 years.

Those who weren't thought of when he retired from music may need to be told that Yusuf Islam used to be Cypriot/Swedish singer Cat Stevens, whose career went from epic pop hits like Matthew & Son to delicate masterpieces like Moonshadow, Wild World and the profound Father And Son.

Always a bit of a spiritual seeker, Stevens converted to Islam after almost drowning in the Pacific off Malibu. He soon retired completely from music, changed his name and spent the best part of the next three decades working quietly within the Muslim community in the field of education. His only brush with notoriety during that time was when the tabloid press apparently misquoted his remarks over the Salman Rushdie fatwa, indicating that he supported the death threats which sent the author into hiding. He has repeatedly denied this accusation, though upholding the Koran's stance on blasphemy.

Yusuf Islam's return to music has been a low-key affair, though his voice and many of his songs sound as though he'd simply taken up his career where he left off. His 2006 comeback album An Other Cup may not have quite been Tea For The Tillerman but it was well-received and is well-represented here, along with versions of older hits Peace Train, Father And Son and Wild World - the last with new lyrics in, for some reason, Zulu.

The DVD also comes with special video features and Alan Yentob's fascinating hour-long documentary on his entire career, including a frank interview and rare live footage of his Cat Stevens performances.

as published at Subba-Cultcha.com

Rating: 5:
Fantastic : A really great concert from Yusuf (formerly Cat Stevens). His voice has mellowed from the kind of raspy sound he developed during the 70s after "Tea for the Tillerman". It includes a lot of the old favourites as well as new ones from his 2006 album "An Other Cup" (I particularly like "Heaven/ Where True Love Goes" and "Maybe There's A World").

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